All tours are private unless otherwise stated.

The tours start either in Normandy - Bayeux or Caen area - or Paris, but we can make exceptions or a pick-up in any area upon request.

We will pick you up at your hotel or at the airport, train station, whichever is most convenient for you and suits you best.

You will be returned to the location of your choice, pickup place, or to any other city of your choice if your journey continues elsewhere.


Most of our tours will be YOUR OWN tour, and we will define the itinerary together if you have special requests. We listen to your preferences and expectations, then count on us for guidance and expertise. You may even decide to change things half way through the day, we are here for you, it's YOUR tour, YOUR day, and we want it to be super special.

Some of our tours will follow a theme or topic, and be ready to book as described.


In addition to our guided tour, our private chauffeur services are available 24/7 all distances. Contact us for any enquiry.


Our vehicles for 2024 : Mercedes Benz V Class L 7 seats, Mercedes Benz Vito Tourer XL 9 seats, BMW Gran Tourer 7 seats.





PERAMBULATIONS is a family venture.

After a first season as a "one-person-army", I am particularly proud to announce that in 2024, my husband and my son will join me -see my bio in the paragraph below- as additional drivers and guides.

My son Anthony had already acquired a solid experience as a tour guide since 2019. He is now ready to bring his extensive knowledge of History to our tours. History major, there is not much he wouldn't know about. Born in Santa Barbara with a multi-cultural background - French, American and Korean - and raised in Normandy, he is a "Calinorman", proud of his dual roots. His strength : extensive general culture on various topics and insatiable thirst for knowledge.

My husband Yves has been a chauffeur for the past two years and has accompanied several tour guides on all the Normandy sites where he has acquired solid understanding of the local history. Born in Paris, he's a true people's person and his kindness is unmatched. More than a driver, he possesses a very good knowledge of Normandy after more than 20 years of living here, and is skilled in areas that will complement our tour offers. His favorite subject? Guns! He's easing his way into guiding, with an admirable dedication.



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Dominique Fiquet

CEO and Founder


Born and raised in Cherbourg, Normandy, France,  I then resided in Paris for 7 years after high school, attending college, studies mostly focused on oriental languages at INALCO Paris, and hosting & hospitality at EIHT Paris.

I then returned to Normandy and after a few years decided to move to the USA where I spent 5 years, in Colorado and  California. Afterwards I came back to my beloved Normandy. I now reside in Caen.

Well traveled, it’s my passion for languages since childhood and a strong curiosity for different cultures which made me chose the tourism industry. The deep connection and affection for my native region and its rich history compelled me to chose a career that would allow me to share "my Normandy" with the rest of the world, and quite naturally I started guiding.

For my first 3 years as a tour guide I was conducting tours of the WWII D-Day Battlefields for a highly reputable company. Then, as of fall 2014, I have decided to become an independent guide and offer my services to propose more diversified, authentic and unmatched experiences under the name Destination Normandy.

My WWII connections : My father and two of my uncles (one uncle in the RBFM -French Commandos- with the French 2nd Armored Division of General Leclerc in Normandy, Alsace and Germany) fought in WWII and my dad was also an active member of the French resistance in Cherbourg, then in August 44 joined the 4th Company of the 3rd Transport Group, formed in Bayeux on the 20th of August, company known later in 45 as the "404" when it was attached to the 4th Régiment Automobile Maine.
My dad's family is from Cherbourg and my mother's family from Marigny (west of Saint Lô). These two towns are closely connected with the American Army's objectives in Normandy during WWII.



Claude Boquet my father & Lucien Cadiou my uncle

More recently, I have been dedicating my winters to studying and completed in May 2017 the only existing University Degree in Normandy Studies, History, Arts & Traditions. I also have completed a Bachelor's Degree in English Language, Literature & Civilization in May 2018. After completing my first year of Masters Degree in Tourism Management & Engineering in 2019 focused on Remembrance Tourism and having succesfully presented my dissertation about "Sainte-Mère-Eglise and Gettysburg, Sister Cities", then I attended courses to complete a Masters Degree in English Literature.

A tour guide, but also an avid traveler, I'm open-minded, confident, adventurous, flexible, independent, culturally aware, curious, empathetic, and creative.

Perambulations is my new venture, with the same high standards and ethics, to ensure your experience is as unique and exclusive as you are.



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