Transfers Paris - Normandy

We offer to pick you up at the airport, your hotel, or address of your choice in Paris, and drive you to your staycation in Normandy.

While you may prefer a non-stop ride, we wish to give you several stop options for you to discover a historical site on the way.


Our non-stop transfer rate is 730 €.

Our transfer rate with a two-hour stop is 850 € with the visit on your own, or 980€ with a guided visit².

² when available


  The same options are also applicable on transfers from Normandy to Paris!


Find below the stops we can offer on the way.

Some of these sites may not be opened everyday so may not be available on your requested dates.


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Chantilly Castle

The Château de Chantilly is one of the finest jewels in the crown of France’s cultural heritage. It is the work of a man with an extraordinary destiny: Henri d’Orléans, Duke of Aumale (1822-1897), fifth son of Queen Marie-Amélie and King Louis-Philippe, the last King of France. Thanks to the precautions taken by the Duke of Aumale in his will, Chantilly remains, more than a century later, a showcase of preserved works where the charm of the 19th century continues to reign.


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Giverny Monet's House and Gardens

For over 40 years, until his death in 1926 , Giverny was Monet's home , his site of creation and his masterpiece . A world of senses, of colors and of memories, the house in which the artist and his family lived notably contains his studio-sitting room and his exceptional collection of Japanese prints. The gardens are composed of the Clos Normand, with its flowerbeds, and the Water Garden, planted with oriental vegetation and weeping willows, its Japanese bridge painted green and its waterlilies.




Built up against the cliff that concealed it from the world so many years ago, and towering over a loop of the Seine, history has certainly made its mark on the Château de La Roche-Guyon, which has had many different faces over the centuries. A simple, invisible cave dwelling at the time of the Norman invasions, it has since been transformed into an elegant 18th-century residence, and a graceful combination of various architectural styles.

The castle’s fortified keep, oddly located on top of the hill, has towered above the Seine valley since the 12th century. It is linked to the lower stronghold by a tunnel carved through the rock. During World War Two, Rommel knew just how strategically important the place would be. He actually set up his headquarters in the part of the castle carved into the rock, before being driven out by the Allies.


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Rouen : Capital of Normandy, and the birthplace of the region when the city and the area around it where given to the Viking Rollo in 911. Rouen is most famous for being the city where Joan of Arc was tried and executed. Throughout history, the city has been well documented for having a fabulous art scene, something which is still true to this day. During the 20th-century, the likes of Claude Monet, as well as many others, ventured to the city and were even inspired to paint the town. Today, the city has the most classified buildings of any city in France. Attractions such as the cathedral, the parliament buildings, and the Grand Horloge are all protected under French law.


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Ports don’t come any prettier than Honfleur on the Seine estuary. Colourful half-timbered houses jostle for position on the quays, along with art galleries and restaurants. Packed with things to see and do, it’s not for nothing that Honfleur is one of the most popular places to visit in France.  


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Nature has carved unusual shapes out of the white cliffs in Etretat, and as a result, this picturesque spot attracted many Impressionist painters, who sought to capture the cliffs on canvas. The pretty seaside town of Etretat is also the setting for Maurice Leblanc’s popular French children’s book about Arsène Lupin, the gentleman burglar.


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France’s second most famous pilgrimage site after Lourdes, Lisieux is known around the world thanks to Sainte-Thérèse. Whether you’re a pilgrim or a tourist, the Basilica of Lisieux is a must-see during your stay in Normandy.


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A masterpiece of a cathedral. In the 13th century, Chartres Cathedral was the first in a series of "classic" cathedrals with tall windows. The quality of its sculpted décor makes it one of the finest examples of Gothic art. The exceptional harmony between the cathedral's architecture, sculpture and stained glass windows, celebrated by Péguy and Claudel, caused it to be listed as a UNESCO World Heritage site.



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